Decking The Y- Block

     Its been a busy week here. I have decked the block from the deck height of 9.770″ to 9.734″  a difference of .036″ I am going to be placing the piston .002″ in the hole. The block was not very square from the factory at all the CNC machine really straightened out the block.  Hopefully this and the amount I removed from the cylinder heads will give me a little more compression in a motor that only had 8.1 from the factory.  I also purchased the Rust-mort and “Black” etching primer for the car, so hopefully if the weather works in my favor I will be sanding the car down this week-end.

2 thoughts on “Decking The Y- Block

  1. let me tell ya what melba toast is packin i got 4:11 posi out back,750 doublepumper edelbrock intake 11 to 1 pop up pistons turbojet 390 horsepower…………………………we talkin some FUCKIN MUSCLE.


  2. Oh, an observation, huh? Well who the hell are you, man? Isaac fucking Newton? Send me a link to your video of your burnout and I will post it on here!


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