Balancing the Y-Block

Since we have a balancer in house (Cemb Digital Machine) it was a no brainier to go ahead and  dynamic balance my assemble. There are many benefits that go with balancing your assemble such as less wear on the main bearings and reducing stress on the crankshaft.  Our bob-weight for this motor is allot heaver then what we usually see when we spin up race motors.  The bob-weight on this little 256 Y- Block is “2009” that’s heavy! The pistons and rings alone were “751”.  Here is the before and after balance  information :

  • First spin we were 16.2 grams out in the back and 5.6 grams out in the front
  • Final spin we were .19 hundreds of a gram in the back  and .11 hundreds of a gram in the front

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