The 1954 Mercury Sun Valley included Mercury’s first ball-joint front suspension, only four grease fittings, and more insulation than ever. 55 Years later it time for me to replace these bad-boys! Remember my car is an original 50,000 mile car and has been sitting for over 30 years………..anyhow I had a hell of time finding some upper and lower ball joints. The ones I did find these guys wanted me to give up my first born! A friend of mine who works for Federal-Mogul has mass knowledge and the ability to pull some old part numbers found these for me today. 

I was informed that the Moog numbers where:

K860Upper Ball Joints

K870Lower Ball Joints

Moog discontinued these back around 1984 and 1987 respectively but I found them on eBay “NEW”for roughly around $30-$35.00 dollars…….allot better then the $ 150.00 a piece the local auto parts stores  wanted.



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