Bessel Blocks are now offered at







 Is Now Offering Bessel Shortblocks 

Product Description

Bessel Ford 460 Engine Block – 545 or 557 Stroker – $4100.00

Bessel Ford FE 390 Engine Block – 445 Stroker – $4100.00

Bessel Ford 302 Engine Block – 331 or 347 Stroker – $3400.00 add AFR 185 heads $1400.00

* Thermal Cleaned & shot blasted
* Magnufluxed
* Bored In CNC Macine
* Torque plate honed (represents head being torqued to block)
* Bessel Splayed Mains Installed & Align Honed
* New Durabond Performance cam bearings installed
* New Brass freeze plugs installed
* All New oil gally plugs installed
* Painted color choice w/High Heat Paint

Rotating assembly

* Scat  Stroke crankshaft
* Scatt 4340 I-beam  rods with 7/16 cap screws
* Clevite Hardened Rod & Main Bearings
* Probe Forged Pistons Dish pistons 10.5:1 compression
* Perfect Circle Performance File Fit Rings
* All Rods big & small ends and Pistons machined to same weight
* Rotating assembly balanced

Camshaft specs

*  Custom Solid Roller  or Hyd Roller Cam
*  Solid Roller or Hyd Roller Lifters  

      Call the sales department to find the best stroker kit for your motor 636-946-4747

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