2010 Hunnert Car Pileup

 Saturday, October 9th, 2010

The Hunnert Car Pileup is a car show for hot rodders who build their cars, and drive them. The Pileup is about hanging out, meeting new friends, and seeing old ones. It is about checking out the craftsmanship in others’ cars, and showing off your own. It is about great music, art, and finding that rare part. It is a nod to a bygone era that lives in each of us. It is about the drive there, the drive home, and the story that goes in between.

2010 will mark our 9th Pileup, but our 1st show at Progress City in Decatur, IL. We know its going to be a great one!

If you have never been to the Pileup, you should check the show’s Entry Criteria to see if your car will pass inspection. The show is strictly limited to 1964 and earlier hot rods and customs, built in a “traditional” style. Check out some of the previous years pics to give you an idea of what we consider to be “traditional”. It is not about attitude, rust, or how many skulls can be painted on a hood. It is about real hot rods and customs. The Pileup is not about trophies. We don’t give them, so don’t expect them!

The price of admission for show cars/trucks/motorcycles is $20 and spectators is $5. Parking is free for spectators and non-show cars. The gates open at 9am and the show will go on rain or shine… or snow.

Buy stuff from the Pileup sponsors! They support this show, so you should support them. Check them out on the Sponsor page.

When at the Pileup, Progress City asks that you abide by some common sense rules:
1. No Glass Containers! You can bring in drinks as long as they are in plastic or cans.

2. No Irresponsible Vehicular Behavior! Burnouts or anything that is reckless is unacceptable. There will be many small children running in and out of the cars and lanes.

3. No cruising or driving around in the fairgrounds! Once you are parked, your car must remain parked until you leave.

4. No riding bicycles, mini bikes, pit bikes, golf carts! You can bring them to show, but leave them parked. This includes the Swap Meet and vendor areas. If you need a vehicle to get around due to medical conditions, please ask.

5. No Pets! Guide dogs are the only exception.

6. No Fires! Even if it’s cold, even in a fire pit, no fires at all.

7. No Under Age Drinking! The Fairgrounds are no different than anywhere else. You will be arrested.

8. No tents, including pop-ups! There are a lot of electric lines and pipes near the surface that could be damaged by stakes and tents may blow over and damage a car. Finally, they obstruct the view of the cars and ruin the look of the show.

If you do not follow the rules, you will be asked to leave promptly. Local law enforcement will enact the local laws as needed.

Here’s what the traffic & parking flow. There will be police officers and volunteers directing traffic. Pay attention and show them respect. This map will hopefully help you prepare.

The Chrome Czars Motor Club,
Django, Hellfish, Jester, Kansas, LowPunk, Lucky, Magnet, Pappy, and Ray Gun

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