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Posted: March 13, 2012 in Tuesday Tunes
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Reckless Ones – Nothin’

Modern Rockabilly
Kevin O’Leary (25) – Lead guitar/Lead vocals
Dylan Patterson (25) – Stand-up drums/Vocals
Adam Boatright (26) – Upright Bass/Vocals
T-SHIRTS + CD’S + PATCHES http://recklessones.bigcartel.com/
Minneapolis Rockabilly band challenges the world.
Vintage Style-Modern SoundReckless Ones are rock ‘n’ roll, plain and simple. Not concerned with the electronic sounds of the modern day but an honest statement in this phony world. A sound from the heart that doesn’t apologize for anything.

Reckless Ones are a three-man gang, pitting themselves against the world, doing it all alone. You won’t see a band this hard-working outside of the movies. …Giving it their all to deliver dynamic sets for each unsuspecting crowd, proudly quashing the hippest of hipsters’ notions, setting everyone’s feet flying, and by the end of the night, everyone’s feeling reckless.

Before their first gig in 2009 they were in the studio recording their debut album “Make Your Move.” Before the record was out they were shooting a music video. Before the records had time to cool from the presses they’d booked back-to-back U.S. and U.K. tours. And rather then rest, they got right back in the studio in 2010 to record their newest record “Set the World on Fire,” then did another week abroad playing festivals in Finland, France and Spain. In September the album was released, and the touring continued; one more US tour and constant regional shows. In August 2011 they were just getting back from their third European tour covering France, Finland, and Belgium; playing three festivals and numerous club dates.

All this touring taught them that there are no language barriers in rock ‘n’ roll; these boys won ’em over. And they just won’t sit still. They’re packing up and shipping out, as we speak…..

Reckless Ones are:
Kevin O’Leary – Vocals, Guitar
Adam Boatright – Vocals, Upright Bass
Dylan Patterson – Vocals, Stand up Drums

www.recklessones.com See More

Current Location
General Manager
Press Contact
Booking Agent
recklessones@gmail.com(General) ,musica-diaboli@vox-historiae.com(Europe booking)
  1. Sad Man's Tongue: Rockabilly Bar & Bistro - Prague says:

    Awesome! I hope you don’t mind if we repost with credits back to you 🙂


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