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Sorry guys I have been busy and away from the blog for some time, but I promise I will be back at this strong and posting new stuff weekly. I have started on the interior and I just got the car back from the paint shop where we sprayed the inside.

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So now we are waiting our turn to get into Ace’s shop down at Ace Custom Upholstery


Here are a few pictures of how the car looks now as we were preparing to go out for a Halloween party. We had many second looks while driving down the road. Happy Halloween Everyone.

         Well the Maiden Voyage came a few weeks back when we took the car up to the final Hunnert car pile up 2011! I busted ass on the car the nights leading up to the day before and even a few hours before we left to get travel and show ready!  Keep in mind this car was just inspected and licensed the day before we left. The car was driven about twenty miles and parked the night before the 300 mile ride to Decatur, Ill.

The car made it up with out a hitch! Ran like a top all the way there!  I had the car in black primer and had the wheels done.  The car will be painted the Viper Blue color you see on the rims and have a light grey interior. I have new front and back chrome bumpers and the trim to stick back on it. I will add another post with a few pics from the Hunnert car pile up and some more updated shots of my car.


Sitting at Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011! Had a blast and looking foward to some more shows!


Meaning this project is still far from being complete. We are still in the body work stages, but here are some updated pictures of my Merc. Thinking about shooting it in white with a little  pearl in it or small metal flakes and a bright florescent  green metal flake roof ? Just a thought what do you guys think?

Well the day has finally gotten here the Merc will fire on it own and stay running! Had a chance to drop through the gears and to my delight the transmission works wonderfully. The brakes are still a little tough, so I need to bleed them again.  We have the wiring to finish up and last but not least the damn body work! Its been crazy in the garage as there are so many damn projects we are working on that I sometime don’t touch my car for a few days. With the warm weather coming around it really puts the excitement back into getting the car done and just crusin!

Since the last time I checked in here we have been very busy. We have stared the re-wiring of the car, installed the new heater / AC set up from Southern Air. We installed a new electric windshield wiper motor from Newport engineering. We shaved the doors and the trunk and installed new solenoids. We also add new gauges installed a Captain Morgan bottle as our washer fluid bottle. One of the biggest projects was designing and building the bracket for the AC compressor. We also added the AC / Heat switches into the dash panel.  Below are a few pics……..

I found a new gas tank for the Merc………….. well not really this tank is really for a 56 Ford but the new 54 tanks were outrages on prices.  It seems all workout in the end anyhow.  The back of the car where the gas tank snout come’s out has some rust and we need to do some work to smooth things out.  So we just decided to take this beautiful new tank and cut the snout off . Then we welded it shut and relocate the filler neck . Now I can bring the neck up inside the trunk. This way I can lay fresh new metal across the back and eliminate the gas tank hole and license plate cover. We will now build a bracket off the bottom of the bumper and install a chrome license plate cover with a light and install it there.

Cleaning out and just checking the overall look and feel for the car…………

Out of the abyss

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This is our 1954  Mercury Sunvalley.  Over the next several month we will be re-working the body and putting a new rat rod on the streets.  The car was once ready for paint but like many projects the funds ran out and the car was placed on the back burner.

The body was removed from the frame 15 years ago and all the bushings and brakes were replaced.   While the car was out getting rewired it sat outside with a tarp over it.  The moisture under the tarp started the surface rust on the car.