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An option for the 1954 Mercury passenger car was a roadlamp or fog light kit.  These lights mounted in the front bumperettes.  What makes them of interest to me is that they later became a rare option for the 1955 and 1956 Ford Thunderbird. 

 Shown below is an NOS kit used in these cars.  The switch is a sought after item as not many have survived.  The switch allowed the headlamps to be operated in conjunction with the roadlamps, as required in some states.  The lamps could either be clear or amber.


1950 Mercury Monterey

The Mercury offered a Lincoln like look at a lower price
the rounded appearance gave it an unwanted nickname “the bathtub”

Cost: $2,145.00







1951 Mercury Sport Sedan

This was the most popular model selling for around $2000.
the grill received extra chrome and the car got a few new touches
this would however be the last year for the “bathtub” lines

Cost: $2,000.00







1952 Mercury Monterey Convertible

The curb buffers and rear fender shields were standard equipment,
on this model, power seats and windows however cost extra,
the hood scoop gave the front of the Monterey a sleek look but was nonfunctional

Cost: $2,370.00








1953 Mercury Custom

Mercury adopted Lincoln’s full length body side moulding
the spear gave this Custom sedan a longer more integrated look

Cost: $2,050.00







1954 Mercury Monterey

This two-door hardtop was by far and away the most popular Mercury
it also came in a basic Custom model but
with little price difference between the two the Monterey sold more

Cost: $2,450.00







1955 Mercury Montclair

The chrome wars were catching up with Mercury
and this Montclair had more of it including stainless steel rocker panels
the styling was definitely leaning away from Ford and more towards Lincoln

Cost: $2,631.00







1956 Mercury Monterey

The Monterey stood just below the Montclair in Mercury’s hierarchy
the two-tone paint job was referred to as “flo-toned”

Cost: $2,550.00






1957 Mercury Montclair Covertible

Mercury’s got a daring body restyle this year’
the frame was ostensively a Ford
but the lower floorplan gave it more interior room

Cost: $3,440.00







1958 Mercury Monterey

Monterey was the top selling Mercury model,
this Phaeton was a better appointed model
but still below the premium Park Lane

Cost: $2,770.00







1959 Mercury Park Lane Convertible

The grill, wrapover windshield and some restyled trim
were all new for this model year, the mammoth 322hp engine was no longer offered
they were a bit longer and roomier with a lowered hood

Cost: $4,206.00