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I know I have been MIA for a few month. I have been working on some other projects and had to let this slip away for a time. Well, I am back and will be posting on a more regular bases. New Pin-ups on the way and a few new surprises………..

80’s Rockabilly Style of Brian Setzer….      

Their style was pretty tough back in the hungry years before the big payday when they rocked on a steady diet of engineer boots, creepers, skinny jeans, polka dot thrift shop tops with cut-off sleeves, bandanas and a sneer. Soon the look was gobbled up by the mainstream made-for-MTV crowd and regurgitated into a uniform with elements of new wave / new romantics fluffy hairdos, argyles, leopard print, gold lamé, Zodiac boots, and over-sized sportcoats.

Setzer was honored with being the first artist since Chet Atkins to be granted a Gretsch artist model guitar built and named for him. A true reflection of how strongly he was identified with Gretsch, and how he helped cement them with a new generation as the true player’s guitar for anyone serious about Rockabilly and the like.



A young and well-coiffed Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats back in the early 1980s



1982, Paris– A couple of lean, mean rockers Thierry Le Coz & Brian Setzer. Brian and the Stray Cats hit the road for the UK and Europe early on, as the Teddy Boy movement and the strong  love abroad for the Sun Records & rockabilly music legends (Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Duane Eddy, and many more) called them there to make their mark. Thierry (yep, he’s French) is a great guitarist and started out in the Rockabilly band Teen Kats back in the early 1980s, and met Brian and the boys while they were there touring Europe.  Le Coz moved to Austin, Texas in ’84, played with Will Sexton in Will and the Kill among others, and is still doing his thing. I love that pic of them, great style.







1983– Dave Edmunds and Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats rock New York City’s Roseland Ballroom with an encore of Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody”















































Sorry guys I have been busy and away from the blog for some time, but I promise I will be back at this strong and posting new stuff weekly. I have started on the interior and I just got the car back from the paint shop where we sprayed the inside.

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So now we are waiting our turn to get into Ace’s shop down at Ace Custom Upholstery

Here are a few pictures of how the car looks now as we were preparing to go out for a Halloween party. We had many second looks while driving down the road. Happy Halloween Everyone.

Megan Daniels: Deserves Much More

Megan Daniels is definitely not your average, all-American girl, even though her amazing blonde hair and that “sweet” smile might fool you. Megan says her friends and biggest fans mean a lot to her because of the fact that they always accept her for who she really is.

Happy Valentine Greasers!

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         Constance Frances Ockleman AKA: Veronica Lake

 Veronica Lake was born Constance Frances Ockleman in Brooklyn, New York to a seaman father. He died in an explosion on an oil ship when Constance was five. Her mother remarried and the family was constantly on the move living in Canada, New York and Florida. She graduated from high school in Miami. The family moved to California and she was enrolled in the Bliss Hayden School of Acting in Hollywood.

 Bit parts came almost immediately with RKO Studios. Her trademark was a hairstyle, with one of her eyes always obscured by her blonde hair. The style was so popular with women that those working in defense plants during World War II were accident prone and officials asked her to change.

 Veronica Lake made films with Paramount during World War II. The studio requested a name change and she became Veronica Lake. Her most noted movies: ‘I Wanted Wings, Sullivan’s Travels, This Gun for Hire, The Glass Key, I married a Witch, So Proudly We Hail, Blue Dahilia and Stronghold.’ She flourished professionally until 1948 when she was dropped by Paramount and then was sued for support payments by her ambitious mother who had prodded her into a movie career starting in elementary school.

Divorced twice, she slowly declined as a movie star and her comeback films made in the 60’s were failures. Veronica made television appearances and even tried her hand on the stage which was ended by an injury suffered while appearing in a production. Some of her TV appearances: Lux Video Theatre, Goodyear Television Playhouse and Somerset Maugham TV Theatre. She was down on her luck with increasing personal problems. Relatively forgotten, she was found living in an old hotel in Manhattan working as a cocktail waitress and married to a fourth husband a commercial fisherman. She tried another return to movies ‘ Footsteps in the Snow,’ and appeared for the last time in an incredibly bad, low budget film in 1970 ‘Flesh Feast.’

 While visiting friends in Burlington, Vermont, she was stricken with hepatitis and taken to a hospital dying penniless at the age of 53. A small memorial service was held at a Manhattan mortuary arranged by a friend who had penned a tell-all autobiography as described by Veronica in 1969.

Cremated, her ashes sat on a mortuary shelf in Burlington for three years because of non-payment for services. Finally, her friends paid the bill and her ashes were shipped to Florida where in a brief ceremony, deposited the ashes in the water off Miami as she had requested.



Sabina Kelly

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His pictures are always seductive, passionate and you can easily feel the story behind them. I look forward to see more of his fashion/ alternative work!
Via Ink Butter.