Bessel Blocks

What are Bessel Blocks?

For years, the aftermarket has relied on “main support” systems to strengthen stock (and after-market) engine blocks, as a way to stop the main caps from moving around under pressure. Here at Bessel Motorsports we have taken that idea a step further, by actually creating a system that works by machining a register into the main saddle of your block and then producing our own high-quality Billet main caps to work in tandem with the machining process. When you start creating horsepower in your blocks regardless if they are a 2 bolt or 4 bolt block’s the only thing holding your main caps or splayed caps in place is the register of the block and your hardware. When your motor is running, especially under highly loaded conditions, the crankshaft is being twisted and is trying to move the main caps. In other word the crankshaft is trying to kick itself out of the block. With enough horsepower the crankshaft will move the caps inward causing “cap chatter” . Once this occurs your main caps are no longer register into your block and your caps have become egg shaped. If this goes unattended for a period of time you can crack the main webbing or even worse split the block down the cam journals.

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