The Merc Is Up & Running.

Well the day has finally gotten here the Merc will fire on it own and stay running! Had a chance to drop through the gears and to my delight the transmission works wonderfully. The brakes are still a little tough, so I need to bleed them again.  We have the wiring to finish up and last but not least the damn body work! Its been crazy in the garage as there are so many damn projects we are working on that I sometime don’t touch my car for a few days. With the warm weather coming around it really puts the excitement back into getting the car done and just crusin!

One thought on “The Merc Is Up & Running.

  1. Jason , the car is looking good! I have the same car and luckily the motor was good when I bought it. I’m sure with the lifts in your shop you have had a chance to look at the body supports and the windshield posts. Also the inner sills and rear wheel wells. These are the areas that it most likely has rust. Believe it or not,this is where I spent the bulk of my money. All that I just described had to be cut out and replaced. Now I have a solid car and do not worry about the body anymore. I painted the car Yosemite Yellow and Parklane Green. I have a new glass top. I have rewired and replaced the brakes ,radiator the front end was rebuilt with a kit from Kanter Brothers in NJ.The transmission was rebuilt. all the glass except the rear window has been replaced. The chrome has been replated and the stainless has been polished. I am giving it the car a rest for the summer so that I can do things with my girlfriend. In fall I will install the new interior and a hidden sound system. The car will look and drive original. It has a 292 CI V8. A Mercomatic trans. I will get the wheels powder coated and mount 710-15 Firestone 2 3/4 ‘ whitewalls. Then we will cruise the California cars nights with friends.


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