Well the Maiden Voyage came a few weeks back when we took the car up to the final Hunnert car pile up 2011! I busted ass on the car the nights leading up to the day before and even a few hours before we left to get travel and show ready!  Keep in mind this car was just inspected and licensed the day before we left. The car was driven about twenty miles and parked the night before the 300 mile ride to Decatur, Ill.

The car made it up with out a hitch! Ran like a top all the way there!  I had the car in black primer and had the wheels done.  The car will be painted the Viper Blue color you see on the rims and have a light grey interior. I have new front and back chrome bumpers and the trim to stick back on it. I will add another post with a few pics from the Hunnert car pile up and some more updated shots of my car.


Sitting at Hunnert Car Pile Up 2011! Had a blast and looking foward to some more shows!


  1. Jeanne says:

    What a great lookin’ car for putting it together last minute! Way to go!!!


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