Bob “The Mad Scientist” Stiegemeier

I owe Bob “The Mad Scientist” Stiegemeier 

a gratitude of thanks for everything he did for us on the Merc! If it was not for Bob we would of never made it that maiden voyage of 270 plus miles to Decatur for the final Hunnert care pile up! If you haven’t seen a chassis dyno in action, here’s the deal. There is a lot of setup time, the actual testing is brief but exciting, and the resulting power numbers are usually numbing-but not in a good way. Invariably, Greasers and hot rodders alike think their vehicles make much more power at the wheels than they really do.

A chassis dynamometer measures power delivered to the surface of the “drive roller” by the drive wheels. Modern chassis dynamometers can do much more than display RPM, horsepower, and torque. With modern electronics and quick reacting, low inertia dyne systems, it is now possible to tune to best power and the smoothest runs, in realtime. In retail settings it is also common to “tune the air fuel ratio” , using a wideband oxygen sensor that is graphed along with RPM. Because of frictional and mechanical losses in the various drivetrain components, the measured rear wheel brake horsepower is generally 15-20 percent less than the brake horsepower measured at the crankshaft or flywheel on an engine dynamometer.

Now I have no clue what are motor made on a dyno as we did not test it.

The mad scientist does more than just chassis dyno work. Bob’s facility also does:


Stiegemeier Porting has taken the latest in engine air flow techniques and applied them to Eaton superchargers with great success. Testing done with a flow bench and a DynoJet chassis dyno.

Racing Heads

Stiegemeier Engine Air flow has been a leader in cylinder head development for the past 25 years. Call for stage options, flow numbers, and pricing details. They specialize in aluminum cylinder head repair.

Dyno Tuning

Stiegemeier Dyno tuning was the first Midwest Dyno Jet chassis dyno shop – installed in 1996. Featuring a NASCAR quality DynoJet 248x we have the experience you want and expect!

Maintenance Program

Maintenance packages designed to keep your Stiegemeier Ported Supercharger up-to-date. Rebuild and Repair They are a full-service supercharger rebuild and repair facility. In addition they are now an EATON authorized remanufacturer. They also never outsource their repair work.

Fuel Injector Service

They clean, rebuild, calibrate, and flow-test fuel injectors. Show Polishing High-quality and car show ready! We polish superchargers. Other parts possible – call for a quote.

Typical turnaround time is 1-2 weeks.

Stiegemeier is without a doubt the most skilled and reputable supercharger porting service in the industry. With over 2000+ supercharger ported you can be assured that you’re getting the best performance money can buy.

The mad scientist also has some new killer products for 2012:

Venom Coolers

Venom Coolers Venom Coolers greatly reduce front drive temperatures, keeping them equal to that of the back of the case – increasing reliability of bearings and seals and eliminating heat soak issues. Available Now! .

Lightweight Rotors

New Lightweight Rotors for Eaton Superchargers

            As I finish this post out I have to add Bob’s 32 Ford. This is one of the nicest 32’s I have ever had the chance to ride in. Let me tell you if you are one of the lucky choose ones to get a ride the pure adrenaline rush will last for days not to mention the headache comes free as well. This car is ridiculously load and fun as hell to ride in. Enjoy the pics guys and Bob if you ever need a co-pilot you can call me anytime.


 Once again THANK YOU BOB for everything!



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