The Reckless Ones

“This ain’t the 50′s no more” snarls the young man behind the drum set. He follows it up by spitting directly behind himself. The aggressive contempt of youth was on full display during the Reckless One’s set. A level of punk energy that it took me right back to my early twenties, crawling in and out of “Oi” shows in Dallas, Texas dive bars. But this wasn’t Oi or even pop-punk. The Reckless Ones start out very simply with blues riffs, country licks, and the heavy back beat of early rock ‘n’ roll. This is rockabilly, no doubt about it. But as the Reckless Ones show, the fact of 21st century rockabilly is an evolving one.

So you guys are the Reckless Ones. Tell us the history of your band?


Before our first gig in 2009 we were in the studio recording the debut album “Make your Move.” and before the record was out we were shooting a music video. Before the records had time to cool from the presses we booked back-to-back U.S. and U.K. tours. And rather then rest, we got right back in the studio in 2010 to record their newest record “Set the World on Fire,” then did another week abroad playing festivals in Finland, France and Spain.

Who plays what?
Kevin O’Leary -Guitar/vocal
Adam Boatright-Upright Bass
Dylan Patterson-Stand-up drums

Listening to your stuff, I can’t help but notice some influences beyond typical rockabilly and psychobilly. I hear bits of the Doors and some post-punk/New Wave. Am I correct about this?

You are more clever than most interviewers!  This is all correct, but our influences span the whole history of Rock n Roll.  Normally people just look at us and say we’re a “Stray Cats” kind of band.  It goes a lot deeper than that.

What rockabilly and classic rock ‘n’ roll inspired you?
We love The Beatles, The Clash, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Carroll, Elvis, Stray Cats, The Cure, The Doors, TSOL, Misfits, Danzig, The Quakes, Dion

You guys are from Minneapolis, what’s the scene like there?
It’s our family.  Most of them come out to our shows and really make us feel at home.  It’s not the biggest scene but it will fill a house and turn a show into a party.  Minneapolis is our home!

Any Minneapolis bands you’d like to give a shout out too?

Violent Shifters, The Throbbing Hot Rods, Phantom Tails.

It’s been said the Reckless Ones could have an appeal beyond the rockabilly scene. Do you feel like that is true?

Maybe, but it’s not our place to decide.  We just want to keep playing the music we write.  What is Rockabilly?

You’re on tour right now. What cities should be on the lookout for the Reckless Ones?

err.. Every town in Finland

Name some of your favorite towns to play?

Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Kansas City, Sastamala, Finland

So you put out an album last year.  What was that experience like?

It was a great experience!  We liked it so much we just recorded another album almost 1 year later.  Recording has to be the funnest things next to playing live.  We really love working with our friend and engineer JB.  He has done both of our albums and put up with our shit, thanks brother!

What’s next for ya’ll?

With the recent release of our second album “Set the World on Fire” we plan to hit the road again.  In addittion to that we will be pushing our music to be heard all over the world.  We’re a band that believes in hard work done DIY style.  Check back with us soon!

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