Stroker Motors Explained

More displacement and greater leverage means more torque. This concept is obvious when you compare the torque ratings between factory small block motors and factory big block motors. However, nowadays it is not necessary to suffer the time and switching costs of leaping to a larger block if you are only after more displacement. DisplacementContinue reading “Stroker Motors Explained”

For Sale

NEW Ford 302 / 347 Stroker Crankshaft  3.400″ stroke Cast crankshaft good for up to 700hp. $125.00  SOLD  2002 LS1 BARE Block casting number 12559378  The bore on the block is standard and I do have the main caps. $350.00  Studebaker 289 “President” Block & Crankshaft –  Casting number on the block is 535601 itContinue reading “For Sale”