Jamey “HandMade” Jordan

            Jamey “HandMade” Jordan is proud to announce the launch of his new custom interior company offering a full line of “HandMade” hot rod interior products. HandMade Seat Co. was established to give the serious hot rodder custom options to make the build and design of any interior stand out from the crowd. Beginning withContinue reading “Jamey “HandMade” Jordan”

Metal Fabrication Videos I Made At Work

USING A SET OF HEM ROLLS: This video gives instruction on the proper use of the Mittler Bros. Hem Step Roll Set. This easy, three-step process creates hem rolls approximately 1/4″ deep on steel or aluminum up to .040″ thick without marring pre-painted aluminum. Rolls are available in HEAT-TREATED STEEL or COMBO STEEL & NYLATRON. PUNCHING JUSTContinue reading “Metal Fabrication Videos I Made At Work”

Sheet Metal Gauge Chart

Gauge (ga) Standard Steel Thickness (inches) Galvanized Steel Thickness (inches) Aluminum Thickness (inches) 3 0.2391   0.2294 4 0.2242   0.2043 5 0.2092   0.1819 6 0.1943   0.1620 7 0.1793   0.1443 8 0.1644   0.1285 9 0.1495 0.1532 0.1144 10 0.1345 0.1382 0.1019 11 0.1196 0.1233 0.0907 12 0.1046 0.1084 0.0808 13 0.0897Continue reading “Sheet Metal Gauge Chart”

Steel & Aluminum Characteristics

Aluminum  characteristics: The 3003-H14 has superior strength characteristics over pure aluminum and is easily welded with either TIG (tungsten-inert-gas) or oxygen-acetylene gas welders, yet remains malleable for shaping and bending. By comparison, a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy would yield even more strength than the 3003-H14, but the 6061-T6 is also more brittle and if welded, may develop stress cracksContinue reading “Steel & Aluminum Characteristics”