1. John says:

    Hey Jason,

    I was wondering if you or anyone you know has a glass top for sale. I’ve got a 54 sun valley in great condition, but it will need a new top soon since the original one already has some cracks in it. Hope to hear from you soon.




  2. Bessel says:


    Thanks for checking out my build and taking the time to drop me a line. I actually to have an extra glass top, back and front window, brand new re-chromed front and back bumpers and still new in the “FOMOCO” box Gold sunvalley emblems. We have had a few of these over the years and my kid brother has the 54 woody wagon he is doing know. This car I am doing was originally going to be a complete restore, but as you know money runs up quick. So I decided to just get the old girl back on the road to have some fun with her. I am going back with the originally 256 Y- block but with some extra goodies. Let me know if you are looking for an extra parts as I have tons of different stuff for this car and the 56 fords. I will go over to the house and get a look at the top and take some pictures for you. I haven’t seen the top out of its storage place in the basement for years. I do know its all there and not broken. I will let you know later today or tomorrow on it. Thanks again and if you have any questions you can me at 636.946.4747 we are located in St.Louis.


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