It takes patience to make it flat

As you can see, the car has already been sprayed with high build primer roughly 15 – 20 years ago. So our first step was either having the car blasted or getting the DA’s out and getting to work. Since money is an issue, I choose to go with manual labor. We went to work with the DA sander’s and 80 grit paper the DA’s not meant to make the panel flat, but it will show high and low spots on the body and once we get this done we will know where we need to do our body work at. We will spray the entire car down with Rust-mort and hit the car again with the DA’s. We did find a few spots on the body we need to cut out and replace. We have allot of sanding still to do, but once all of that is done we will be ready to start playing with the filler! It was nice having my old man over and my buddy John helping me work on the car.

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