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Came home from work tonight and took the Merc to its new home!
Dave’s Vintage Restoration & Repair
2239 North Third Street
St.Charles,MO 63301

I will be posting updates and new photos in the up coming weeks. Here are two shots of the car being delivered.


     Today was a good morning we start around 9:30 and worked on getting the car ready to fire. First thing we did was finish wiring the car up, next we removed all of the spark plugs and turned the motor over to get the oil pressure up.  Once that was finished up we started getting the plug wires on and the # 1 cylinder up. Noticed we need some new points ( Idiots at the part stores! Are there no real parts people anymore?)  I had to go around the corner and look up my parts in the catalog, because god forbid one these stupid ass highschool kids look any further then the damn computer screen. And I quote “My computer dont go back that far” and “what are points”…………………anyhow I am getting of track. Got back to the shop got the points in place, got the distributor in and started to look for the gas can. Had no keys so I had to jump the car to get it to fire, but we finally did after a few problems with the starter and fuel pump, but worked through it and as you see below in the last post the motor fired.

     After playing with that we started to french the license plate in. Since I installed a different tank and mounted it up through the trunk I had no reason to leave the tilt license plate in place, besides we had a lot of rust in that area. We cut all of the rust out and started to installed the new box.

         Putting in some serious hours trying to get this car done ASAP as there are some shows coming up I want to take this car to.  These last few nights have been nothing but welding and filling in holes.  Coming up with a look for the hood has taken some serious beer and hard thought decisions.  I feel we have accomplished a pretty cool look when  it’s said and done and is blended in it should rawk! I also went out and got all of the interior out of our other Merc for this one. It needs to be re-done but for now at least I have the frame work for it all. The other night I took out the rear side window and installed the new glass. That was a fun job if you have never done that consider yourself lucky! Here are some photos of the progress.

       Hit the car again tonight spent most of the evening getting the rest of the paint off. Still waiting on the rear quarter panel to come in so, I can get that going.  I did luck out and have Ronnie stop by tonight and he just jumped straight in and started doing body work on the right  fender.  I will be back on Saturday hoping to put in a good 10 – 12 hours on the car.  I have a few new ideas for the car and a new look, but you are going to have to come back and see what they are. Going to leave you guys tonight with a few pictures of tonight work.

Last night we did quiet a bit of welding and filling in holes. I decided I’m going to shave the door handles, trunk, and other holes that otherwise would of had chrome there or car badge’s. I had to order a new rear quarter patch panel from Mac’s and I also order some other stuff from speedway. The hood was in bad shape but the new hood look should be tight! Stay tune………………

As you can see, the car has already been sprayed with high build primer roughly 15 – 20 years ago. So our first step was either having the car blasted or getting the DA’s out and getting to work. Since money is an issue, I choose to go with manual labor. We went to work with the DA sander’s and 80 grit paper the DA’s not meant to make the panel flat, but it will show high and low spots on the body and once we get this done we will know where we need to do our body work at. We will spray the entire car down with Rust-mort and hit the car again with the DA’s. We did find a few spots on the body we need to cut out and replace. We have allot of sanding still to do, but once all of that is done we will be ready to start playing with the filler! It was nice having my old man over and my buddy John helping me work on the car.