Slow & Low

Slow and Low……that is the progress the car has taken on in the last few weeks! I have had a baby boy and that has slowed progress up on the build, but not to worry we are back at it and hitting it hard. I have got the motor and tranny back in place and done. We have installed a new booster and master cylinder and have all the brakes bled and finished. I have ordered the new gas tank, carb, alternator, and all of the other nickel and time your ass to death pieces.

The latest project has been lowering the merc’s stance. I did a 2″ drop in the back and a 3″ drop in the front. For the back I used Speedway Motors lowering block kit part # 910-43809 running $29.99 and for the front I used a set of coils out of a 1986-97 Ford Aerostar Moog Coil Spring part # CC850 running $60.00 and a set of Gabriel gas shocks part # 82026 running around $34.00.

The Aerostar coil springs are almost identical in diameter, coil width and top/bottom shape as the original springs, but they provide approx a 3″ drop. Better yet, they are only about $60 bucks!

Details on the part:
Moog PN CC850
Fit 1986 – 1997  Ford Aerostar (3.0 or 4.0 engine)

Diameter: 4.07″
Wire Diameter: 0.735″
Free Height: 11.65″
Load Height: 10″


This week we will be installing the fuel tank and getting the car wired and fired. Hopefully we will also get the cars exhaust done in the upcoming weekend!

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