Grey Is Still Black……

Meaning this project is still far from being complete. We are still in the body work stages, but here are some updated pictures of my Merc. Thinking about shooting it in white with a little  pearl in it or small metal flakes and a bright florescent  green metal flake roof ? Just a thought what do you guys think?


4 thoughts on “Grey Is Still Black……

  1. Be careful with those taillight bezels. They are hard to re chrome and very expensive to replace!
    The car is looking good! I agree.Picking paint is the hardest thing! Can’t wait to see it done.

    I am stuck on a wiring project. I will resolve it today. As soon as that is done I need a guy to put the Sun Valley trim on the roof. Very hard to do. Then It is drivable. Craig


  2. Hi – I just got my ’54 Merc Sun Valley and I am starting to work on it. Per the data plate, it is supposed to be green over yellow but the top has been painted yellow. I want to return it to the proper green. The top side chrome pieces need to be re-chromed. Does anyone have any idea how they are removed? I am afraid to pry on them too much as they are probably irreplaceable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



  3. Sure would appreciate a response on my questiuon about the top side chrome. I notice that in the pictures, it is still on the car. I am wondering if it must be removed by removing the headliner to get at the fasteners from inside the car.



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