Hunnert Car Pileup 2009

Hot rodding is about two things – building your own car and driving it – FAST! The Hunnert Car Pileup is always the second weekend in October, which makes it Saturday, October 10th this year. This will be our 6th year at the historic Grundy County Fairgrounds in Morris, IL. Yeah, it’s dusty and cold,Continue reading “Hunnert Car Pileup 2009”

Sitting outside for 17years

This is our 1954  Mercury Sunvalley.  Over the next several month we will be re-working the body and putting a new rat rod on the streets.  The car was once ready for paint but like many projects the funds ran out and the car was placed on the back burner. The body was removed from the frameContinue reading “Sitting outside for 17years”

The 1954 Mercury Sun Valley

The 1954 Mercury Sun Valley was the beneficiary of one of the more memorable advertising campaigns of the 1950s. “The heart of a city at night gleams with its own stars of neon and marquee. This is a magnificent sight … All the richness and color reaches you. Yet the intensity is softened, filtered byContinue reading “The 1954 Mercury Sun Valley”