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Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Hot rodding is about two things – building your own car and driving it – FAST! Sure, they may be built to attract girls or to beat the pants off your friend in a drag race, but it’s all about building and driving. The Hunnert Car Pileup is for hot rodders who build their cars, and drive them. The Pileup is about hanging out, meeting new friends, and seeing old ones. It is about checking out the craftsmanship in others’ cars, and showing off your own. It is about great music, art, and finding that rare part. It is a nod to a bygone era that lives in each of us. It is about the drive there, the drive home, and the story that goes in between.

The price of admission for show cars/trucks/motorcycles is $20 and spectators is $5. Parking is free for spectators and non-show cars.  The gates open at 9am and the show will go on rain or shine… or snow.

Hunnert - Criteria

Join me over at The Jalopy Journal

           The Jalopy Journal was formed to spread the gospel of traditional Hot Rods and Kustoms to hoodlums worldwide… They are the  voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself, and a place where citizen journalists could show the “big-time” media a thing or two. Look for me over there my username is sunvalley54







Is your Sunvalley a REAL Sunvalley?

    Real glasstops have 64B on the VIN tag, not 64A. If you’re buying one of these you need to check that out as the plexi tops can be bought and retrofitted. It’s the difference between a 20K car and a 70K car.

pics 217       

Info taken from  57JoeFoMoPar over at The Jalopy Journal                                                                             

Balancing the Y-Block

Since we have a balancer in house (Cemb Digital Machine) it was a no brainier to go ahead and  dynamic balance my assemble. There are many benefits that go with balancing your assemble such as less wear on the main bearings and reducing stress on the crankshaft.  Our bob-weight for this motor is allot heaver then what we usually see when we spin up race motors.  The bob-weight on this little 256 Y- Block is “2009” that’s heavy! The pistons and rings alone were “751”.  Here is the before and after balance  information :

  • First spin we were 16.2 grams out in the back and 5.6 grams out in the front
  • Final spin we were .19 hundreds of a gram in the back  and .11 hundreds of a gram in the front

The “NEW” Bessel Splayed Caps for the Ford 390 FE

     Our “NEW” Bessel 4 bolt Splayed Caps for the Ford 390 FE were a huge hit at last week-ends Muscle car reunion and Nostalgia drags.  The 390 FE has been in some dire need for a better main cap for some time now and we have designed and installed the first set that lock into the block and eliminated the main cap from closing up under high performance conditions. Please send any comments or remarks to me at jason@besselmotorsports I would really appreciate your feedback and thoughts.

The Drags

Been one hell of a long weekend………The nostalgia drags were as cool as expected below are a few photos of the show and a few from our booth. Make sure you check out our new 4 – Bolt Splayed FE 390 block. Next week-end back to the merc build!

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