For Sale

I have a set of Gold 1954 – 1955 Sun Valley Scripts / Emblems that are (NOS) New Old Stock – Still with the factory FOMOCO box. The Scripts have never been installed and have no flaws in them. $400.00

Also I have a Glass Top out of a 1954 Mercury Sun Valley.  The top has been stored inside for the last 30 plus years. email me if you are interested – $550.00

For Sale

256 Y-Block 4 Barrel Intake part # “EBY-9425-D”  $75.00  SOLD

 I have a set of single Exhaust manifolds part #’s “EBU 9451-C & EBU-9430-B” $ 75.00SOLD

 Both the Intake and Exhaust manifolds have been cleaned in acid and run through a steelabrator, everything has been magnfluxed and no cracks were found. There are no broken bolts or damaged threads on any of the manifolds. 

Holley 2140 Tea pot carb part # R-804-5A $25.00  SOLD

Decking The Y- Block

     Its been a busy week here. I have decked the block from the deck height of 9.770″ to 9.734″  a difference of .036″ I am going to be placing the piston .002″ in the hole. The block was not very square from the factory at all the CNC machine really straightened out the block.  Hopefully this and the amount I removed from the cylinder heads will give me a little more compression in a motor that only had 8.1 from the factory.  I also purchased the Rust-mort and “Black” etching primer for the car, so hopefully if the weather works in my favor I will be sanding the car down this week-end.

M2 Machines Auto-Thentics – My 1954 Merc Collection

Simpler more innocent time of classic beauty and clean raw power that was the golden age of automobile styling and technology. Opening doors, opening hoods, detailed interiors, detailed authentic engines, real chrome bumpers, and detailed emblems and ornaments, will put “AUTO-THENTICS” in a class by itself.  My collection of 1954 Mercury Sun Valleys.

The cylinder heads

I have the cylinder heads done now. I went with a set of 292 heads off of a 57 Y- Block. I also went with a 57 4-Barrel manifold. Since the 256 has such low compression I decided to mill a little of the cylinder heads to raise the compression. I ended up installing new guides and exhaust seat’s  through out. I cut the cylinder heads .025″ and had to cut the Intake side to make sure the Intake would bolt up properly. I’m going to deck the block as well and most likely put the piston .002″ in the hole.  I believe somewhere in the mix of these photos is also the power steering assembly I found that will work on the car. It took a while to get that bad boy cleaned up and looking half decent.

The RUST REVIVAL car show

Already there has been an enormous buzz about the second annual show from a ton of states that were not in attendance last year. Those states include, north Dakota, Indiana, Michigan, even as far away as Maryland!! With the phone calls and emails received thus far, it is looking to double if not triple in size in only its second year! That is in part do to there wonderful sponsors!

The Rust Revival ‘09 is set for May 29th and 30th , in Wayland, MO. The Kropdusters Car Club ( are hosting the event with help and advice from friends, family, and car clubs from all over the Midwest, including the Vagabonds (from 7 states), The Rod Dippers (Missouri), Kerosene Kings (Iowa), Opossum Benders (Missouri), and the Chrome Czars (Illinois).


Going through the Motor

I am going to be running a 256 Y – Block in the Merc. The motor is locked up and I am going to go through the whole assembly. I will be replacing the 256 heads and manifold with a 292 set of heads and the manifold on a 57 Y- Block.

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